Expands into the Green Bay, Wisconsin Market

19 Jun, 2018 |

In today’s technology-driven global community, geography is less of a barrier than ever before. is proud to serve client partners across the US and even overseas. It’s not uncommon for our team to lead a meeting that stretches across three or four different time zones. Between video conferencing, screen sharing, and instant messaging via Skype, it’s easy for partners to stay in touch with us, and for our team members to stay in close contact with each other. While most of our team members are in the Denver area, we’ve grown so much that we’ve hired talent in other areas of the country as well.

Green Bay Map was originally established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (way back in 1999!). We continue to work with many partners in Southern Wisconsin, including the Wisconsin Banker Association and Richards & Dimmer, SC. Recently, we developed some new partnerships in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area. We built on the work we were already doing for DeLeers Construction and brought our expertise to Legato Healthcare Marketing and Opticom, Inc

As an Umbraco Certified Gold Partner, we’re proud that companies and organizations around the world place their trust in us when it comes to providing technology and marketing solutions that help them meet (and exceed!) their goals. It’s no secret that the team can build and maintain a top-of-the-line Umbraco site. What we do behind the scenes (the technology you don’t see) is just as important: our expertise in load balancing and high availability means that our client partners can trust that their sites benefit from careful monitoring, security, and optimal hosting configurations. In a nutshell, we know what we are doing and are glad to have the opportunity to partner with companies and organizations that appreciate the critical nature of having a website that’s not just aesthetically pleasing, but rock solid in all other aspects as well.

In order to maintain our high level support for our partners, we hired an Account Coordinator in April. Claudia Moder hails from Green Bay. She has a background in managing web projects and has been an Umbraco user for nearly a decade. We also hired a UI/UX expert, Eric Clarkson, who is in the process of relocating to Denver. With Eric on board, we’re helping our client partners bring their sites to a whole new level. Watch for featured blogs about all of our team members in the coming months.

Our expansion into the Green Bay market signals a new phase of growth for The journey continues.

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