29 May, 2018 | Fyin.com

Almost as soon as the gas combustion engine was invented and cars became mainstream in the late 1800s, a handful of inventors turned their attention to the possibility of a battery-powered car. Electric vehicles (EVs) have had many false starts over the years, and the public's interest in them has waxed and waned over time. Today, EVs have finally gained more traction than ever, thanks in part to the success of Tesla. Tesla, named after famed Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla, was founded in 2003 on the promise of a future with zero emissions and without reliance on fossil fuels.

The primary complaint about the battery-powered cars that existed prior to Tesla's emergence was that EV owners were restricted in how far they could drive on a single charge. Long road trips were pretty much out of the question, and recharging stations were not plentiful. Another common complaint was the high cost of purchasing an EV. Tesla's been hard at work changing many of these perceptions. The Model 3, unveiled in 2017, features a more affordable price tag ($35,000) and a long-range battery. Plus, Tesla charging stations are plentiful, making road trips a reality once again.  

Fyin.com's Managing Director, David Dimmer, recently returned from a road trip in his Tesla. He and his family traveled from Denver to California and back again, using zero gas and driving long distances on a single charge. The US is dotted with Supercharger stations, so they were able to recharge quickly and get back on the road. Best of all, they reduced their carbon footprint and enjoyed an eco-friendly trip that included stops at the Hoover Dam and the beaches of California. 

If you're sensing a pro-Tesla theme here, you're not mistaken. In fact, we're so excited about the Tesla experience that Fyin.com recently sponsored a hypermile event and Guinness World Record attempt. Hypermiling is a term used by Tesla enthusiasts, and it refers to getting the most mileage possible from a single charge. The average for the Model 3 is 220-310 miles per charge. Sean Mitchell and Erik Strait set out to drive 600 miles on a single charge. Spoiler alert: they did it! They live-streamed the drive and kept Tesla fans around the globe updated on their progress. While the Guinness World Record has not yet been verified and confirmed, the final odometer reading was 606.2 miles.

Fyin.com is proud to support innovation - particularly when it combines technology with respect for the planet. 

The event's other sponsors included: Wunder Capital, Stuttgart Autobody, and Colorado Detail

Fyin sponsors Tesla record attempt

Posted By: Claudia

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