Umbraco 8 Comes in for a Landing!

Umbraco 8 Comes in for a Landing!

Published: February 26, 2019 (8 min read)

Good things come to those who wait: Infinite Editing, Language Variants, Content Apps, and an important benefit . . . speed. At long last, Umbraco 8 is a reality!

After months of nail-biting anticipation, Umbraco 8 was released today. While incremental releases come out all the time, the is the first major release of the Umbraco CMS in about five years. In a recent blog post, we highlighted some of the new features that Umbraco 8 introduces: Infinite Editing, Language Variants, and Content Apps. One important benefit that we didn't cover: speed. It's not uncommon for a complex codebase to become somewhat bloated over time. For this release, the development team at Umbraco HQ launched a major code clean-up. Umbraco 8 promises to be downright zippy. In this day and age, every second counts (and this is coming from someone who is old enough to remember connecting to AOL over a phone line).

Developers will be particularly excited about the streamlined code that powers Umbraco 8 because it also allows for smoother installation of packages. No hacks needed! The Umbraco CMS was built with everyone in mind - developers, marketers, and content editors alike. 

In addition to the new features and faster speeds, you'll spot quite a few visual changes when logging into an Umbraco-powered site. We'll cover some of those nuts and bolts in an upcoming blog post. 

What Happens Now?

What does all this shiny newness mean for you if you have an Umbraco site? 

As you might guess, migrating your site from 7.X to 8 is not as simple as clicking a button (wouldn't that be great, though?). As tempting as it is to jump on any new technology, there is a lot to consider in this case. For example, your site may have features or packages that need to be addressed before migrating to this new version. At, we will work with our partners, as always, to make decisions as a unified team. Timing may vary greatly from site to site. For example, if your company or organization is headed for a rebrand, that might be the perfect time to overhaul the website and get a fresh start with Umbraco 8. On the other hand, if you recently launched a new site on version 7.12.4, there's probably no need to rush into any big changes. 

The team will continue to keep you posted about all things Umbraco. We're also looking forward to getting the inside scoop at Codegarden in May! 

Umbraco Celebration

Whether your website is running on an old version of Umbraco and an upgrade is long overdue, or you're simply interested in what V8 has to offer, contact us now to plan your website migration and be among the first to benefit from all the new features and functionality.