Digital Footprint Management

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What customers say about you online, good or bad, can have huge impacts. We’ll help monitor and flag comments and complaints for prompt service. We'll also keep your business information accurate and consistent across every platform.

Digital Footprint Management

Reputation Management

Keep the local word-of-mouth in your favor

A solid online reputation management plan is how a brand can smoothly and effectively navigate any trouble territory. Whether that’s a disgruntled customer in need of service recovery, or a negative press bomb that needs attention, FYIN’s reputation recovery team is here for you.

Digital word-of-mouth can spread like wildfire. Having proper strategies in place, communication guardrails, and a specially trained ear to the ground on every channel will help mitigate issues as soon as they’re detected.

Reputation Commandments

Be Transparent
Build trust with your audience by reacting quickly and politely.

Address Feedback
Foster an open dialogue and invite thoughts and comments on your offerings.

Listen and Learn
Be empathetic to your customers and take a kindness first approach.

Channels We Monitor

  • Social media
  • Yelp
  • Google
  • TripAdvisor
  • Your Own Website

Non-management of these platforms poses a risk to your reputation.

11 - The average number of people a customer will tell about a good experience.

15 - The average number of people a customer will tell about a bad experience.

Make Your Reputation Your Superpower

FYIN will help you manage and improve your online reputation, starting with those comments and reviews.

Business Listing Management

Keep your profiles up to date. Instantaneous Updates.

Maintaining a presence across platforms helps new customers find your business online, but only as long as your information is accurate.

As we’ve seen recently, a business’ operations can change at the drop of a hat: contact information, store hours, online ordering and pick-up options, etc.

FYIN’s Business Listing Management service uses SEMRush to monitor and instantly update your business information everywhere customers can find it.

Benefits of Listing Management

See how your business appears across dozens of maps, apps, search engines, and directories

Update all listings in just a few clicks

Adjustments can be made as often as they need to

Customers will always know how to contact your business, no matter where they found you