Email Marketing

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Newsletters are great, but you could be missing out on so much subscriber engagement. Let our experts work their magic on your emails.

Email Marketing

Flawless emails built to convert

Best Practices Run Deep

Email as a marketing channel is its own beast. To have a sufficient email program, you have to know email design, coding, deliverability guidelines, compliance with anti-spam and GDPR laws, just to name a few.

While some agencies offer custom branded templates, those doesn’t do you much good if you’re not familiar with how to actually populate the content or test them across email clients and devices so you can ensure it will render for every subscriber.

These are details FYIN’s email marketing pros are experts in through and through. We’ve done the legwork and put in the years of building, coding, testing, and streamlining the email production process from ideation to deployment.


Already have an email service provider, such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, Klaviyo, etc.? We’re proficient in all of them.

Inbox ROI

Fun Fact: The average ROI of email marketing is $40 for every $1 spent.

Email is such an important marketing platform because it works so well. When emails are branded, optimized, and deployed to segmented audiences, they can have incredible effects on your bottom line. FYIN offers the following email marketing services:

Basic Email Marketing

    • Ensure anti-spam compliance
    • Build and deploy segmented emails

Email Automation

    • Welcome series
    • Re-engagement campaign
    • Cart abandonment
    • Post-purchase followup
    • Consistent monitoring and management

Transactional Emails

    • Optimize purchase/shipping confirmation emails
    • Properly funnel subscribers for marketing vs. account-related emails
    • Maintain healthy subscriber lists