Social Media Marketing

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Talk to your customers where they are and engage with them on a daily basis with a robust social media marketing plan.

Social Media Marketing

Let your brand’s personality shine

Tell a Story

Your brand has a story to tell. Our social media aficionados can deliver it in a meaningful way across social media platforms so you can connect with customers wherever they are.

Social media is a prime channel to make your brand shine. With its ability to foster an engaged community and allow your brand to connect one-on-one with individuals, social media integrates seamlessly with a fully integrated marketing strategy that FYIN can plan, execute, and manage.

Content is King

To effectively communicate the story of your brand and the value you provides users, our process is very simple:

Step 1: Hear your story

Step 2: Determine the content categories

Step 3: Allocate a certain number of monthly social posts to each category

Step 4: Increase cost efficiency by repurposing content while optimizing for each platform

Step 5: Engage with the audience on every post to enhance brand affinity, grow email list, increase web traffic and conversions.


When used properly, social media can be a powerful tool to learn what resonates most with your audience, and how to connect with them on a deeper level. Engagement is a great indicator to gauge messaging success and opportunities for improvement.