Through user analytics, we gather data to improve conversion rate optimization. FYIN utilizes heatmaps, visitor recordings, conversion funnels and form analysis - along with polls and surveys - to analyze user behavior and learn how your audience actually interacts with your website. This data is analyzed by our team and informs recommendations for everything from landing page optimizations to a complete website redesign.

The tools we use act as a layer on top of your existing Google Analytics and can easily be implemented on your current site to gather meaningful data from real visitors. If we ask the right questions, we can stop guessing and tailor an approach based on what your audience is really interested in.

What makes FYIN User Experience different?

We produce detailed user experience reports and review them with you to help make the right decisions for your organization. We provide recommendations that go a step further. Anyone can look at a heatmap and spot obvious points of failure, but only an experienced team can read between the lines and identify more subtle ones. The result is additional conversion gains instead of missed opportunities.

Another difference is that most agencies don’t have development resources in-house - they outsource to subcontractors. FYIN has a skilled team of web developers who work directly with our user experience team to ensure that the optimizations we recommend are properly put in place.

If this is your first exposure with user experience audits, here’s a brief explanation of the different analytics options we offer:


Heatmaps provide a visual reference of where user activity happens, and there are a few types of heatmaps available:

  • Click heatmaps show where visitors are clicking on your site, whether that means desktop clicks or taps (in the case of tablets and phones).
  • Scroll heatmaps show how far down the page visitors are scrolling before they stop.
  • Move heatmaps only apply to desktop visitors, specifically tracking mouse movement.

Heatmaps are used on individual pages, segmented by device type: desktop, tablet, and mobile. This allows us to identify optimizations that are focused on the behavior of specific types of visitors.

Visitor Recordings

Recordings allow us to see a user’s complete progress in your website, from the enter page to exit page. Everything is captured in full motion: clicks, movement, and form interactions. These recordings are a great way to uncover issues and bugs that become more apparent when you can see interactions in real time.

Conversion Funnels

Funnels are connected to the goals associated with your website, whether that’s as simple as someone signing up to receive email marketing or as complex as completing an e-commerce purchase. By defining each stage of the process in a funnel, we’re able to see where visitors are dropping off. This gives us a better understanding of where to focus our efforts in terms of optimization to reduce or remove that friction.

Form Analysis

Some visitors will give up on completing a website form because there were too many fields, but how many is too many? That’s what form analysis helps with. By tracking progress on every form field, we can learn what’s getting in the way of your forms being abandoned before the information is submitted.

Polls & Surveys

One of the most direct and efficient ways to collect visitor data is to ask questions. Feedback polls allow you to do that, using customizable questions - including Net Promoter Score (NPS). Polls can also be used to gather instant feedback on elements from your site in a way that can complement other approaches like A/B testing. Polls are typically short, while surveys go a little deeper with multiple questions to collect even more data.

How do I get started?

Get a FREE User Experience Audit. We’ll conduct a high-level review of your website and identify areas where we see potential issues based on user experience best practices and years of experience working with clients. From there, we learn all we can about your organization and audience to find out what we have to work with and what needs to be put in place.

Improve your website’s user experience and conversion rate optimization with User Experience from FYIN.