User Experience

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Using customer data and behavior analytics, we provide actionable recommendations on how to improve and increase conversions.

User Experience

Give the people what they want

Intuition is Key

How do you know to look in the upper corner of a window to close out of it? Or to restart any device by holding down the power button? These are just a few examples of good user experience.

A user’s experience with your website, email, social post, whichever form of communication it may be determines whether or not they’ll make a purchase or even return later.

On average, a brand has about four seconds to make an impact and get a user to scroll. Our UX experts use data and insights to make brand websites more “sticky” and get more people to the checkout page. We achieve this by applying psychological principles of consumer behavior, as well as using any findings from your unique web page visitors.

Audience Insights

Track scrolls and clicks on each page to see where optimizations can be made.

    • Content Placement
    • Visual Flow
    • Ease of Interaction

Visitor Recordings
View the customer journey in full motion with clicks, movement, and form interactions.

    • Uncover Bugs
    • Gauge “Stickiness”
    • Address Points of Abandonment

Conversion Funnels
Define each funnel stage to understand where most customers drop off and reduce that friction.

    • Customer Retention
    • Streamline Optimizations
    • Increase Conversion

Form Analysis
Improve your completion rate with streamlined forms after a thorough form analysis.

    • Track Form Fields
    • Optimal Length Learnings
    • Address Points of Abandonment

Polls & Surveys
Customer feedback can complement A/B testing efforts and is an efficient method to improve the customer journey.

    • Polls for Instant Feedback
    • Surveys for Deeper Feedback
    • Customizable Questions