Marketing Operations Coordinator

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Every company, regardless of industry, needs a mover and shaker like Abby. Organized? Check. Detail-oriented? Check. Creative? Check! Abby’s professional background includes event management, project management, and creative endeavors galore. 

In recent years, FYIN’s marketing services have grown just as rapidly as our software engineering services. Abby joined the team to help wrangle the marketing team and take its offerings to the next level. She describes herself as being self-motivated, innovative, and brimming with glass-is-half-full optimism. Abby prides herself on thinking creatively while not throwing logic out the window.  

Abby originally hails from Maine. She grew up as an only child but having extended family nearby kept her from feeling isolated. Later, she attended the University of Vermont (where she met her husband) and earned a degree in European History. She spent several years in the Washington, DC area before moving to Denver in 2016. She and her husband have an adorable young son who is pretty determined to match his mom’s energy level. 

When she’s not knee-deep in digital marketing projects at FYIN, she enjoys gardening, drawing, and eating. If you learn nothing else from Abby’s bio, she wants to make sure that her love of food comes through loud and clear. As is the requirement of all Coloradans, Abby enjoys snowsports and describes herself as “outdoorsy.” 

Random fact: You know that one house in every neighborhood with the over-the-top Halloween decorations? In one Denver-area neighborhood, that house is Abby’s. She proudly goes all-out for Halloween, choosing a theme and bringing her creative vision to life.