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Digital Media Specialist

Whether he's managing PPC campaigns or diving into other data-driven strategies for our client-partners, Bailey is always downright cheerful and ready to hit the next goal.

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Bailey, Digital Media Specialist

While it’s true that Bailey is an expert in the realm of paid media, his job title is only part of the story. For him, digital marketing started as a hobby that grew into a career. Today, he’s an integral part of our Denver-based team. 

Originally from Long Island, Bailey and his older brother grew up under the care of their lively, extroverted mom. Bailey learned Photoshop from his brother and had aspirations of owning a business someday. After high school, he attended two different SUNY campuses and earned a degree in Biology. He later started a lifestyle brand - his twist on hoodies took off and gained a fanbase. Learning the ins and outs of digital marketing helped him to drive sales. 

How did Bailey end up in Colorado? Well, he embarked on a skateboarding road trip and simply never left. The pull of the Rockies is THAT strong. Bailey was drawn to the great views and the many opportunities for outdoorsy activities. 

When he’s not running wildly successful digital marketing campaigns, he enjoys snowboarding and hiking. He’ll tell you that he’s a skateboarder, but his true passion lies in scooter sports. Skateboarding is just easier to explain to the uninitiated. Bailey also has an interest in drone videography. 

Bailey describes himself as being friendly, outgoing, and innovative. He credits his mom for his drive and social skills. He has earned several Google certifications and is well on his way to crushing all of them. 

Pet Peeve: Closed-minded people who aren’t ready for Bailey’s brand of forward-thinking innovation! 

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