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Business Development Director

Christine's superpower is making everyone around her feel valued, heard, and at ease. She combines her experience and knowledge with the newest tools and methodologies in order to deliver best-in-class solutions.

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Christine, Business Development Director

She’s focused, friendly, and profoundly energetic - and if her Peloton bike weren’t anchored in place, she probably would have circled (well, pedaled) the globe several times by now. 

Christine grew up in the Atlanta area and bravely moved to New York City after college, eventually spending over a decade there working for several large marketing agencies. Later, she moved back to Atlanta and continues to call the Peach State home. She doesn't particularly care for peaches, but please don't report her to the authorities. 

Christine joined the FYIN team in a business development role, drawing on her vast experience in the realm of sales and marketing. She relishes the opportunity to help people and businesses solve problems in creative ways. She prides herself on her ability to put herself in a client’s shoes, building a level of empathy and trust that has led to rave reviews from clients and coworkers alike. Deeply driven, Christine enjoys being a force in the progress of others. She brings many skills to the table including inbound marketing, digital marketing, strategic planning, search marketing, and web design/development.  

Christine and her husband have three sons, the eldest of which just began his freshman year at the University of Georgia. Go Dawgs! Speaking of dawgs - er, dogs, the family also has three pooches, all rescues. The sons get top billing but the dogs (two Golden Retrievers and a mixed breed) aren’t far behind. 

When they aren’t attending the boys’ cross country meets and other athletic events, the family packs up and heads to their happy place: their vacation home in Panama City, Florida.

Random fact: That Peloton bike (and accompanying treadmill) isn't just a random hobby. Christine describes herself as a Peloton freak! 

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