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.NET Developer

Evan may not be the chattiest person on our team, but he (quietly) gets the job done - in a big way!

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Evan, .NET Developer

Evan, a talented .NET developer, brings a variety of skills to the FYIN team. He has experience in all facets of Life-Cycle Development (from requirements gathering to testing) and is no stranger to the dreaded technical documentation. He prides himself on being a good communicator and never cutting corners.

Evan is a Texas native who grew up in Dallas and still resides there. He and his wife have an active toddler who keeps them on their toes. Evan is proud to be a second-generation American whose parents emigrated from Vietnam. He hails from a large family (maybe everything really is bigger in Texas!) and is the second eldest among his siblings. Growing up, Evan always had an interest in technology and planned on a tech career right from the start. He graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

Like many software engineers, Evan likes a good challenge and has the patience to dig in until he reaches the optimal solution. He enjoys working in a team setting, teaching others, and learning from them as well. Evan describes himself as being diligent, fun, and laid-back. While some developers prefer to stay out of the limelight, Evan is comfortable working directly with our client-partners on everything from requirements gathering to solutions delivery. 

Parents of toddlers tend not to have a lot of free time but when he’s not working, Evan enjoys working out at the gym or walking/running outdoors. He’s been known to play a little tennis from time to time. He and his wife have two mixed breed rescue dogs that also keep things lively around the house. 

Random fact: Evan is a political news junkie and even volunteered on a mayoral campaign in Dallas.

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