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Account Manager

He's the fun uncle (funcle!), a devoted dog dad, and his "very particular set of skills" includes one you might not expect.

Joseph, Account Manager

Growing up, Joseph set his (rather ambitious) sights on his future career: secret agent, of course. As it turns out, other careers are more attainable so he went to college (University of Northern Colorado) and earned a B.S. in Business Marketing. After college, Joseph moved into various business development roles, picking up valuable skills along the way. His multi-faceted role on our team takes advantage of those skills, from recruiting to project management and everything in between. 

Joseph has lived in Colorado for the past ten years. He grew up in a military family and was accustomed to moving regularly. He is the youngest of five children and enjoys being an uncle to his nephews and nieces. 

He has an active social life and enjoys live music immensely. His dog, Rusko, is named after one of his favorite artists. Additional hobbies include cooking, snowboarding, and hiking. He’s attempting to cultivate a golf habit, too. Joseph is a strong communicator; he’s an extrovert who has plenty to say but also knows when to listen. He prides himself on being an out-of-the-box (but collaborative) thinker who thrives in a creative environment. Joseph’s glass-is-half-full outlook helps him to blend seamlessly into any team. 

Random fact: Joseph has extensive sewing skills (learned from his mom!) and has been known to make matching bow ties for himself and Rusko. They’re the best-dressed duo west of the Mississippi! 

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