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When it comes to connecting the dots in the world of digital marketing, Kaela is a data-driven dynamo. She holds certifications in Google AdWords, Google Search, and Hootsuite. She is also well versed in social media marketing and advertising. Kaela is no stranger to digital tools and uses SEMRush, Google Tag Manager, AdWords, CrowdFire, and others to drive data in the right direction. From keyword research to planning a campaign from the ground up, she enjoys new challenges and flourishes in a collaborative environment. 

Kaela prides herself on being a good listener, a skill she uses to find out what a company’s goals are (the more ambitious, the better!). She then mines and analyzes the appropriate data in order to make decisions that affect growth and profitability. Kaela is passionate about what she does and thrives on meeting goals (whether self-assigned or established by our client-partners).

Kaela grew up in Washington and Idaho, eventually earning a degree from the University of Idaho before moving to the Denver area. Like most Coloradons, she enjoys outdoor activities like camping and rock climbing. She also enjoys archery and brew pubs, but not usually at the same time.

Random fact: Unlike many Millennials, Kaela has bucked the trend and does not have a single tattoo.