Mark S.

Mark S.

Senior .NET Developer

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With 20+ years of software/web development (across multiple industries) under his belt, Mark has seen a thing or two and takes new challenges in stride. Like many developers, he relishes the opportunity to work on complex projects and to drive those tough projects towards successful conclusions. 

Mark joins the FYIN team as a Senior .NET developer. He fits right in with our eclectic crew. Mark describes himself as athletic (he once ran a 15K with no training!), studious (he’s an avid reader), and compassionate. He has a keen eye for detail and is energized by working in a team environment. 

Mark grew up in a Navy family and lived all over the world. Eventually, he went on to earn an MBA from Northern Arizona University. Today, he considers Denver to be home. He has two grown children and two adorable grandchildren. He enjoys filling the grandkids with sugar and then returning them to their parents. When he’s not spoiling the grandchildren, he enjoys cycling and hiking. 

Random fact: Mark lived and studied in a Buddhist monastery. He continues to be a practicing Buddhist - what project doesn’t need a little zen?