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Front-End Engineer

He's not the loudest guy in the room (by a long shot) but his deep thoughts lead to big things.

Michael, Front-End Engineer

A well-rounded team of developers typically includes architects who build the stuff you don’t see and front-end developers who build the stuff you do. Michael’s expertise falls into the latter; he creatively blends design and technology to create aesthetic, functional interfaces that delight end users. Michael is a whiz with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Upon joining our team, he hit the ground running and has worked countless miracles for our client-partners. 

Michael is a Denver native. He attended Regis University and earned a degree in Communications. He started his career in marketing and later moved into a web role. Over the years, he has devoted himself to furthering his technical skills through continuous learning. Like many developers, Michael is curious and detail-oriented. He prides himself on finding creative solutions to issues or challenges that come his way. Michael also holds certifications in HubSpot and nopCommerce.

If you need evidence of Michael’s fortitude, look no further than his family. He is raising three teenage daughters (and one dog). When he’s not busy beautifying the web, Michael enjoys traditional Coloradan pursuits like snowboarding. He also plays hockey and is a fan of video games as well as board games. 

Random fact: When asked for adjectives he’d use to describe himself, Michael valiantly included “handsome” in the list. In the immortal words of Bruno Mars, “Gotta kiss myself, I’m so pretty!”

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