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Project Manager

He's handy, focused, and technical. He doesn't have a dog, but we like him anyway. Meet Nick!

Nick, Project Manager

Nick was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin. After high school, he attended Marquette University. He earned a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering. After completing his studies, he stayed in the Milwaukee area and continues to reside there.  

Early in his career, Nick worked on electrical hardware and software for the aerospace industry. In hopes of diving into a career that stands up well against the fluctuations of the economy, he got into software development and honed his skills in developing logistics software. Nick’s technical background makes him a great fit for our project management team; he understands both sides of the coin (the why AND the how). 

Nick describes himself as being passionate, precise, and personable. He has a strong belief in seeing projects and tasks through to the end - a great quality for a project manager to have!

When he’s not managing projects and solving technical conundrums, Nick enjoys working with his hands. He bought a home and did a lot of remodeling work during the Covid quarantine. He’s also been known to dabble in engine work on motorcycles and cars. Nick is a fitness buff and likes to keep his mind and body occupied. In the summer, you’ll probably find him relaxing on his boat on one of Wisconsin's many scenic lakes. 

Random fact: Nick had artistic aspirations when he was younger and invested a lot of time and effort in drawing and design. Who knows - he may pick up a sketch pad again someday! 

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