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Nicolas (Nico) is a Certified Umbraco Master who thrives in a fast-paced environment, which means that he fits in perfectly with the FYIN team. A skilled developer, he loves learning new technologies and will pursue the latest framework or gadget until his attention span expires. Nico earned a BS in Computer Science from Goethe University in Frankfurt, where he continues to reside.

Nico has worked in several industries, including automotive and transportation. After university, he started his own finance company, which grew to be quite successful. When he’s not writing rock-solid code, Nico enjoys playing soccer and occasionally picks up a violin. He admits to being an occasional gamer but sometimes his workaholic ways get in the way. Nico has traveled widely and leaves Germany in his rear view mirror at least four times a year. Recent excursions have taken him to Russia, Italy, Tunisia, Greece, and Belgium.   

Random fact: Nico is caught in an endless cycle of growing a beard and then shaving it off. He is also known as an unconventional dresser. You might find him wearing snakeskin boots or, possibly, no shoes at all.