Senior .NET Developer

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If you left a trail of gutterballs in your wake during your last visit to a bowling alley, you probably won’t want to challenge Ryan to a game. Ryan has bowled a perfect 300 on 39 different occasions. He even competed against a #1 ranked bowler in the 2004 PBA Denver Open. Back in the day, he attended the University of Nebraska on a bowling scholarship. 

As noteworthy as it is to be a spectacular bowler, Ryan needed an occupation that’s compatible with paying a mortgage and such. His original plan was to enter the field of teaching and his university studies were geared in that direction. However, a fortuitous meeting at a wedding led him to explore software development instead. He started learning the ropes and, as luck would have it, he was a natural. He has now worked in the field for 18+ years. 

Ryan joined the FYIN team as a Senior .NET Developer. His years of working in consulting roles provided him with a wide range of experience across different industries and teams, all with different processes. He applies the best of everything he’s learned in his work with FYIN’s client-partners. 

Ryan describes himself as outgoing, intelligent, friendly, and spontaneous. He prides himself on having good communications skills, including the ability to explain technical topics to non-technical people. A valuable skill indeed!

Although Ryan has accomplished a great deal in his life, his role as a dad brings him the most pride. He is heavily involved in sports and activities with his son and daughter and even coaches some of their teams. When he finds a spare moment, he’s not opposed to a round of golf or even a bit of poker. 

Random fact: Ryan comes from a large family and has 52 cousins on his mom’s side.