Senior .NET Developer

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Simply put, Todd’s hobbies can beat up your hobbies. When he’s not writing code, you’ll find him building airplanes, fishing, flying (he’s a licensed pilot), or volunteering on a water rescue crew (he’s a certified PADI scuba diver). He also works part time as a police officer.

Todd lives near the beach in North Carolina. He describes himself as a “beach bum who writes code.” He and his wife Missy have three daughters and one adorable granddaughter.

Todd’s long career has taken him from North Carolina to Wisconsin and back again. He eventually hopes to have homes in both states. He spent several years at Microsoft and has continued to hone his skills across the board. He is a cross-platform support expert (20+ operating systems) whose primary languages are C, C++, and C#. Todd is also well versed in writing licensing software and is experienced in encryption technologies.

Todd describes himself as a caring, talented perfectionist who might be “just a little bit crazy.” He’ll admit to one major pet peeve: mediocrity (particularly when it comes to code). Do it right or don't do it at all. 

Random fact: The aircraft that Todd builds (from kits) are not model airplanes! He builds two-seater airplanes that are actually sky-worthy.