Creative Director

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If you had to picture a creative, artistic guy who lives in Colorado and enjoys outdoorsy pursuits, your mind might just conjure an image of someone a lot like Tommy. With copious tattoos and a lifelong focus on health and fitness, he doesn’t mind standing out and has probably been called a “free spirit” more than once. 

Tommy has lived in Colorado since he was a preschooler. He earned a BA in Visual Art and Graphic Design from the University of Northern Colorado. Since then, he has held various positions in graphic design and creative management (and even designed Western Union’s logo) before landing at FYIN as our Creative Director. 

Tommy describes himself as being passionate, honorable, and loyal. He is skilled in all aspects of graphic design including visual concepting and branding. Tommy strives to marry the worlds of technology and art by showcasing the beauty of what developers create. He prides himself on connecting with clients and introducing unexpected perspectives. He doesn’t mind shaking things up if it results in a better experience for everyone involved. Having the heart of a true artist, Tommy believes that beauty is everywhere and inspiration can come from surprising places. He fears boredom and stagnation, and his enthusiastic outlook is contagious to coworkers and clients alike. In other words, he’s a fun guy to have in meetings. 

Tommy’s hobbies include snowboarding, working on home projects (he recently bought an old house and enjoys having the opportunity to inject his own unique flair into the interior), and spending time at the gym. His girlfriend is a nutritionist and trainer so they find lots of common ground in supporting each other. 

Random trivia: Tommy has officiated four weddings in three countries. Speak now or forever hold your peace!