Our Next Adventure: Codegarden

Codegarden 2019: like Disney World for Umbraco developers. The Fyin.com team is gearing up for this year's big event.

It’s almost that time again! As in years past, a team from Fyin.com will be in attendance at Codegarden in May. If you’re a member of the worldwide Umbraco community, you’re probably already aware of this event. Codegarden is the largest gathering of Umbraco enthusiasts in the world. The conference is hosted by Umbraco HQ and will be held in Odense, Denmark.

What's it All About?

Codegarden attracts developers from across the globe, but it also welcomes designers, business owners, and end users of all kinds. The event includes engaging sessions with acclaimed speakers (with topics ranging from accessibility to documentation), hands-on demonstrations, and case studies featuring, of course, Umbraco CMS. Niels Hartvig, Chief Unicorn at Umbraco HQ, will deliver the keynote address. Codegarden also comes with the promise of giving attendees the scoop on what’s next with Umbraco. Umbraco 8 dropped last month but there is always something new around the corner! It’s a great opportunity to exchange tips and tricks, too.

What Happens in Denmark Stays in Denmark

When asked what he’s looking forward to as he makes his way to Codegarden, Scott McCann (one of Fyin.com’s Umbraco Masters) is eager to get back to Denmark (he is a Codegarden veteran). Denmark is a beautiful country, which is definitely a selling point for the conference.

Scott says, "I’m also excited to catch up with Shannon Deminick (Umbraco core developer and overall cool dude.)”

It sounds like this reunion may also involve a few rounds of . . . wait for it . . . hacky sack. Shannon Deminick is also one of the featured speakers this year.

Scott is also looking forward to “getting the skinny on Umbraco 8 upcoming features and whatnot.” He will be joined by three other Fyin.com team members.

"Conference Room" is the Code Word for "Pub" 

Although it’s heavily focused on all things Umbraco and there’s plenty of tech talk, the social aspect is almost just as important. Codegarden includes some fun events like bingo as well as an awards presentation. The Umbraco community takes the “friendly CMS” slogan to heart. There’s even a special session for first-time attendees as well as a buddy system to make those newbies feel welcome. At the end of each day, more bonding takes place as pints are raised in celebration. Codegarden reminds Umbracians of why the community itself is so vital.

Stay tuned for updates from Codegarden when our team is on the scene!

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