Codegarden 19: Dispatches from Denmark

22 May, 2019 |

Codegarden 2019 is in full swing! Several members of the team are there, immersing themselves in all things Umbraco.


The team landed in Odense, Denmark on Monday, ready to take Codegarden 19 by storm (the friendly kind of storm that enjoys a good brew with friends from around the world). Codegarden is the world’s largest Umbraco gathering and includes demos, break-out sessions, and speakers of all kinds. While many of the Umbraco enthusiasts in attendance are developers, the event also welcomes marketers, content creators, and business owners. This year’s Codegarden conference features speakers addressing far-ranging topics like UI/UX, Umbraco Headless, and accessibility. Umbraco HQ’s Chief Unicorn, Niels Hartvig, delivered the keynote address on Wednesday morning.

Codegarden kicked off on Tuesday with a Gold Partner summit. is a proud Umbraco Gold Partner, which is one reason why we value the Codegarden experience so much. It gives us a chance to rub elbows with other Umbracians and to make sure we always have the latest scoop on all things Umbraco.

At last year’s Codegarden conference, the question on everyone’s lips was, “When will version 8 be released?” Umbraco version 8 was released earlier this year, so now the question becomes, “What’s next?” Watch for more updates on that topic. One (rather critical) tidbit we’ve learned is that v8.1 will include migration-related functionality. Currently, there is no straightforward way to migrate data from a 7.x site to a version 8 site. It’s exciting to see how Umbraco continues to evolve.

When the team members aren’t soaking up all the knowledge from the speakers and demos, the social aspects of Codegarden kick in. It’s a great chance to make connections and renew old friendships. Umbraco HQ (which hosts Codegarden) plans many fun and unique (to say the least!) events for attendees. One of those events is Umbraco Bingo (hence the "Make Bingo Great Again" hats). 

Our Managing Director, David Dimmer, always has a trick up his sleeve when it comes to swag. This year, we are giving away a limited number of hybrid bottle opener luggage tags (they will not mow your lawn for you, but they are very handy!) This gift comes with a fun (and practical) twist - if you lose your tag and someone else finds it, they can contact you via No more finders-keepers-losers-weepers!

Curious about Umbraco 8? Get in touch with us and we’ll work with you on a dynamic game plan for the future!

Posted By: Claudia

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