FYIN Adds New Umbraco Certifications to Enhance Gold Partner Status

FYIN is a proud Umbraco Certified Gold Partner with several Umbraco Masters on staff. Our team recently added new certifications to our arsenal.

Is there anything cooler than being an Umbraco Master? While it would be hard to beat the mystique of being a Jedi Master, claiming the title of Umbraco Master is certainly a close second. 

FYIN is proud to have several team members who have joined the ranks of Umbraco Masters from around the world. How does one become an Umbraco Certified Master? Umbraco offers an extensive, points-based training program, and those courses culminate in technical exams. The training courses follow three main tracks:

  • Fundamentals
  • Foundation
  • Skill Courses

Candidates complete the Fundamentals and Foundations courses and choose a skill for the third requirement. Skills courses include options like Load Balancing and Cloud. After completing the program, developers have the technical skills needed to build Umbraco solutions from stem to stern. 

The arrival of Umbraco v8 in 2019 brought a new set of educational opportunities to Umbraco enthusiasts. Our own David Dimmer (Managing Director of FYIN) recently completed Umbraco training in Load Balancing and Umbraco Security, handily retaining his Master status. Jason Thomas and Scott McCann are also Umbraco Masters. 

Having Umbraco Masters on board is an important part of becoming an Umbraco Gold Partner. FYIN was one of the first companies in the US to achieve that status. We are proud to be one of the largest and most prolific Umbraco Gold Partners in the US. Our enthusiasm for (and expertise in) Umbraco allows us to provide unique, cutting-edge solutions for our client-partners.


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