Team Profile: David Dimmer

Team Profile: David Dimmer

Published: December 11, 2018 (13 min read)

[This is the first in a series of team member profiles.]

David Dimmer: A glass-is-half-full optimist. An ideas guy. A demander of excellence. Proud, engaged, protective dad. Lover of technology (and an early adopter). Leader.

When you meet David Dimmer, you notice a few things. He’s tall and lanky, folding himself  easily into his office chair (on those rare occasions when he sits down). David has been known to grow out his hair and then chop it off without a second thought. It’s currently fairly short. He wears a chunky wedding band that symbolizes his bond with his beautiful, Nigerian-born wife, Tope. He’s proud of his wife, who is the Chief of Pediatrics at a local Colorado clinic.

It doesn’t take long to learn that the Dimmers are also proud parents. David and Tope have three youngsters - two boys and a girl. Miley, an adorable senior dog, arrived prior to the children.

Simultaneously laid-back and detail-oriented, David can be somewhat enigmatic. Just when you think you know what makes him tick, you stumble upon a new detail that throws off your theory. For example, David seldom mentions the fact that he knows how to fly a plane. Or that he once lived in a building that housed a morgue. He can be a bit of an an adrenaline junkie and owns a ski cabin in Winter Park, Colorado. He made sure his sons were on skis almost as soon as they could walk (and baby girl is sure to follow soon). He is drawn to outdoorsy activities and adventure. David feels strongly about the need for clean energy and drives a Tesla (his wife drives one, too). 

David originally hails from Northeastern Wisconsin. His dad, a seasoned software developer, sparked an early interest in technology and programming. David’s brother, Ken, caught the same bug. The boys were writing programs starting in early childhood. David was barely old enough to vote when he started He’s not big on titles, but David serves as the company’s managing director. His singular approach to developing partnerships and leveraging technology in unique ways has resulted in a successful and satisfying career path. As a certified Gold Partner, is considered to be one of the top Umbraco firms in the U.S. and David, of course, is a certified Umbraco Master.

While many developers (and in his heart, he still is one) can be significantly introverted, David is cut from a slightly different cloth. He has an ease with people, a look-you-in-the-eye sort of engagement that builds trust and engenders confidence. He can talk technology at any level, but he’s also comfortable talking about sports, travel, or whatever topic happens to arise. He easily builds trust with’s business partners by making sure that his word is always good. Promises do not go unfulfilled.

In addition to providing leadership at the helm of, David prides himself on identifying talent and bringing others up.  Several of our team members did not start off as developers. David identifies the best and brightest in a variety of fields and recognizes in them a solid work ethic and capacity to learn and grow. He is proud of the growth that continues to experience.

Now, lest you think that David is like Mary Poppins, “practically perfect in every way,” he may have a shortcoming or two. He can be impatient. He’s been known to make a request of an employee and then do it himself because it’s faster. There are theories floating around that he might be a cyborg, in as much as he doesn’t seem to sleep. Overall, though, David enjoys a stellar reputation among’s partners and employees. You might hear adjectives like smart, dedicated, driven, and hardworking. David is a generous soul and enjoys handing out gifts whenever the opportunity presents itself. He genuinely cares about the people around him.

David is seldom rattled and does not give up easily. He believes there is always a way. Recently, he was expecting a shipment of items that were needed for an Umbraco event. When the box didn’t arrive on time and night had already fallen, it seemed that the mission was indeed impossible. Undaunted, David called the shipping company. Politely and determinedly, he worked his way through several layers of the company until a supervisor agreed to pull the package off the truck and make it available for pick-up. Everyone was amazed - except David, who had not doubted that it could be done.