Umbraco Releases Version 7.11

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There’s a lot to love about Umbraco. That’s why we became an Umbraco Certified Gold Partner. We love the security, flexibility, power, and scalability of the Umbraco CMS. As an open source platform, Umbraco has developed quite a fan base around the globe. Developers particularly appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the Umbraco community because it’s so interactive.

Unlike many off-the-shelf products, the Umbraco CMS is not stagnant. It continues to grow and improve. Umbraco enthusiasts (like’s development team) have the opportunity to submit pull requests to Umbraco HQ. This means that developers can submit code containing new features or, in some cases, bug fixes for minor issues. In many cases, the submitted code is incorporated. 

Umbraco recently released version 7.11 (version 8 is expected to be out within the next few months). Umbraco reports that 38 out of the 42 issues closed in version 7.11 are based on pull requests submitted by the Umbraco community. What an amazing collaboration!

Version 11 contains new features such as the ability to see where compositions are currently in use on a site. Also, the dictionary tree has been converted to Angular resulting in improved performance. The ability to create multilingual tours (based on the language of the user who’s logged in) has also been added.

This spiffy new version also contains lots of bug fixes and UX improvements, making the Umbraco CMS easier to use for developers and end users alike.

Visit Umbraco’s blog to learn more about this release.