Web Development

Yeah, we're nerds. We admit it.

Heck, we're proud of it. Collectively, we bring together diverse tech skill sets from some of the best and brightest people who geek out in solving your business problems. The end result? Stable, secure, scalable web products that support your internal and external business goals.  


Umbraco Website Development

We've got the golden touch.

As an Umbraco-certified Gold Partner, FYIN's Umbraco Master developers are well-versed in the necessary backend coding skills and front-end design skills to leverage this free, open-source platform. With Umbraco, we can create engaging, effective custom websites to meet your specific needs. Umbraco's secure, stable, supported, scalable, and versatile infrastructure allows us to build sites that both perform well and are easy to maintain. 

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Plugins with peace of mind. 

Need to configure or reconfigure a WordPress site? Worried your plugins will update and cause your site to crash? FYIN’s expert programmers are seasoned in Wordpress and fluent in single server side programming like HTML, CSS & JavaScript and SQL. We can build custom plugins so your site does everything you need it to and you have peace of mind. 

Custom .NET Development

A different kind of magic. 

When off-the-shelf solutions stop well short of meeting your company's needs, that's when FYIN's .NET developers appear as if by magic. Skilled in ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core, these razor-sharp developers gain an understanding of your pain points and then engineer the perfect custom solution. 

Custom Plugins & Portals

Taking a good thing and making it even better. 

When you have a skilled development team, the sky is always the limit when it comes to extending existing applications. Our expertise with nopCommerce, for example, allows us to extend the eCommerce experience for users/customers as well as for store owners and marketers. The core technology remains intact while you get everything you need. Platforms like nopCommerce have many plugins available off-the-shelf (such as chat widgets, shipping plugins, etc), but we can also write custom plugins to fit the needs of your unique business. 


Like peas in a pod.

Today's technology tools, apps, and platforms are expected to play nicely with others. Have API, will travel! Integrations require savvy developers who can navigate the process while not compromising security. The FYIN team has integrated many third-party tools including Okta, Salesforce, HubSpot, PayPal, Authorize.net, and many others. 

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