3 Overlooked Benefits of Hiring A PPC Campaign Management Service

If "location location location" is the motto of the real estate industry, the motto of the digital marketing world might be "data data data." There's no shortage of data - about your site visitors, their buying habits, how they landed on your site, and how to attract more people just like them. The real key to success is having an expert who can bring it all together.

Shoppers searching for specific products click on PPC (Pay Per Click) ads 65 percent of the time. A visitor who sees a PPC ad on Google then has a 50 percent higher chance of making a purchase than that of an organic visitor. It's statistics like this that make it important to be advertising online using Google Ads, and even more critical to have a skilled person managing the account so you achieve your desired results. 

Since advertising is a "pay to play" setup, you'll want to make sure that you're setting up your campaign according to Google's best practices. Although these practices can be looked up online, there are tips and tricks that a skilled PPC Specialist will already have in their arsenal - details you won't find from a casual Google search. Because the world of PPC can be a real minefield for the uninitiated, hiring a professional management service to monitor, optimize, and manage your PPC campaigns allows you to get the expertise you need to make your ad campaigns a success.

Digital marketing budgets are often tight, but having a skilled expert who has industry knowledge (such as knowing how to navigate the Google Ads platform) will be a wise use of your money. Too often, people throw money at this platform expecting it to work magic for them, only to be disappointed three months down the road when they've invested their precious ad budget for little return.

In the interest of sharing a bit of the magic, I'm giving you an inside view into three tips the pros use. 

Professional PPC Management Adds A Valuable Resource To Your Team & Can Help Increase ROI

  • Your typical business tasks and responsibilities already take up the majority of your day. Adding something as time consuming as a PPC Campaign to your mix will only cause you not to divert enough attention and time into building and managing it appropriately.
  • Having an expert person as a point of contact, who can not only develop, set up, and manage your campaign but also gives you weekly/monthly reports on the metrics of the account progress can increase your ability to obtain an ROI. Think of a professional management agency as an extension of your team! 
  • Don't take time away from your other employees, who are skilled at doing what they were hired to do. Having a "jack-of-all-trades" can be useful in some positions, but when it comes to having a "Jack" for your ad campaigns - it's not wise!

Let Your PPC Management Team Navigate the Array of Digital Tools to Build You a Strong Foundation

  • In a world where content is king, keywords are queen! Conducting proper keyword research is one of (if not the most) important building blocks for your campaign. If this foundational step does not get enough time and effort put towards it then your entire campaign will be built on a shaky platform. While this can be an extremely time-consuming process, it is very necessary and will lead to stronger ROI from your ad campaigns!
  • The tools and platforms that are on the market can look easy and simple to navigate, but in reality they're a bit tricky to use correctly. Some people may get overwhelmed with it altogether and not devote as much time. Leaving those tools in the capable hands of experts will put your money - and resources - ahead.
  • As simple as keyword research may sound, there is a lot of strategy that goes into finding effective keywords to target. The methods in determining which keyword modifier to use is also a fundamental process that professional PPC management services will know how to handle. Along with the complexities and weaknesses of these tools, using keywords without any context will result in you burning up your budget with no substantial results to show for it.

Having a PPC Specialist Write Relevant & Strategic Ad Copy Will Lead to More Conversions

  • I can't tell you how many times I have taken over ad accounts, or even seen ads while browsing online, that have insanely bad ad copy! Each word matters in a PPC ad, and utilizing the character limits is in your best interest. Take up as much real estate as you can. If you don't, your competitors will!
  • Write your ad copy as if you are A/B testing. This will help you when it comes time to optimize your ad copy. Driving traffic won't necessarily give you an ROI, but driving the right traffic that converts into a customer will. And conversions start with well-optimized ad copy. 
  • Lastly, doing keyword research is pointless if you don't utilize those keywords in your ad copy. Often, I will Google a particular term and an ad will pop up that has nothing relevant in the ad copy to do with the keyword I searched. The advertiser just wasted his advertising budget on someone who wasn't his intended audience. Don't let this happen to you!

I would love to hear about your Google Ad experiences. Have you used a PPC management service to handle your Google Ads account? What advice do you have to share?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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