Codegarden 19: Day Two!

The inside jokes, the costumes (a bingo player dressed as Putin?), and the camaraderie: it's Codegarden, the big show for Umbracians from around the globe.

Our fearless travelers (David, Ken, Scott, and Jason) enjoyed another busy day at Codegarden today. Today’s informational sessions included a nice array of timely topics such as: delving into documentation (call it a necessary evil if you want, but it’s important!), building and implementing Umbraco packages, and tackling automated testing. The team apparently passed on the yoga sessions that were also available.

The day ended with drinks and socializing, followed by the highly anticipated . . . Umbraco Bingo! A day full of tech talk leads to shenanigans at sundown. No word on the prizes won - perhaps the game itself is the real prize. 

Stay tuned for more Codegarden 19 news and updates!

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