Combining the Best of Web and Mobile Apps with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

What is a Progressive Web App?

A Progressive Web App, or PWA, is a type of application that is built using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It's designed to deliver a user experience that rivals that of native mobile applications. One of the key advantages of PWAs is that they are not bound by platform limitations. This means they can run on any device with a modern web browser, like a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

How do PWAs combine the best of web and mobile apps?

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PWAs merge the strengths of both web and mobile apps, creating a user experience that blends convenience and performance. Here's how they do it! 

App-like Experience

PWAs offer an app-like experience through their animations, interfaces, and interactions. They can be accessed from the device's home screen, eliminating the need to go through app stores. This convenience ensures that users can engage with your content easily.

Progressive Enhancement

The "progressive" in PWA refers to the concept of progressive enhancement. This means that PWAs are designed to work well on any device, regardless of its capabilities. They start with a basic level of functionality and enhance it based on the device's capabilities, giving all users access to your content.


Unlike traditional mobile apps that need to be downloaded from an app store, PWAs are discoverable through search engines. This means users can find your PWA through a simple online search, expanding your reach without relying solely on app store optimization.


PWAs can be easily shared using URLs, just like traditional websites. This means you can effortlessly share specific content or features of your app with others, enhancing shareability and engagement.

Responsive Design

PWAs are built with responsive design principles, adapting gracefully to various screen sizes and orientations. Whether a user accesses your PWA on a large desktop monitor or a small smartphone screen, the experience stays user-friendly.

Safety and Security

PWAs are served over HTTPS, ensuring that the communication between the user's device and your server is encrypted and secure. This is crucial for protecting sensitive data.

Progressive Web App vs. Native App

Progressive Web App Concept - PWA - Web Apps That Use Several Web-platform Features and Progressive Enhancement to Provide an Experience on Par with Native Apps - 3D Illustration

A common question that arises is how PWAs compare to native apps. While both have their advantages, PWAs offer several advantages that make them a good choice for many businesses.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

PWAs work across different platforms and devices, reducing the need to develop separate apps for iOS and Android. 

No App Store Hurdles

Developing a native app involves navigating the complex submission and approval process of app stores. PWAs sidestep this issue by being directly accessible through browsers, eliminating the need for app store distribution.


Creating and maintaining multiple native apps can be expensive. PWAs offer a cost-effective solution, as a single PWA can serve a wide range of devices.

Instant Updates

Updating a native app requires users to download and install updates. PWAs, on the other hand, are updated on the server, ensuring that users always have access to the latest version without any updating.

Why Choose Progressive Web Apps?

PWAs offer a modern and versatile approach to app development that brings together the best of both web and mobile worlds. They allow you to reach a broader audience and provide a consistent user experience across devices. PWAs can be a strategic advantage for businesses looking to stay ahead in the digital landscape.

Progressive Web App Criteria

PWAs should provide a user experience that feels like using a native app. This includes smooth animations, intuitive navigation, and an overall polished interface. The app should work on all devices, regardless of their capabilities. It should start with a basic level of functionality and progressively enhance the experience based on the device's features. A responsive design ensures that the app's layout and functionality adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes and orientations.

Best of Both Worlds

Progressive Web Apps represent a bridge between the convenience of web apps and the performance of native apps. They offer a compelling solution for businesses and developers aiming to provide an engaging and accessible user experience. 

PWAs allow you to create applications that cater to a diverse audience while simplifying the development and maintenance process. Embrace the power of PWAs, and unlock new possibilities in terms of your online presence!

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