FYIN Attends Cloudflare Connect Conference Focused on Cyber Security

Technology moves quickly and the world of cyber security is no exception. FYIN is headed to New York City to hear the latest from a world leader in security: Cloudflare.

What is Cloudflare?

Its name may sound like an indie band or a ride at the state fair, but Cloudflare is much more practical than that. Cloudflare, founded in 2009, is heavily focused on cyber security. The company offers tools aimed at enhancing site performance and speed, and mitigating security concerns before they have a chance to turn into bigger issues. 

FYIN partners with Cloudfare as part of our commitment to provide our client partners with state of the art security. Our philosophy aligns nicely with Cloudflare’s mission to increase security without increasing latency. 

NYC, Here We Come!

Next week, David Dimmer (our Managing Director) and Dan Bartels (one of our senior .NET developers) will head to New York City for an invitation-only event hosted by Cloudflare. The event, dubbed Cloudflare Connect, will be held at the New York Stock Exchange on November 6th. There, our dynamic duo will learn about the latest innovations in internet security and website performance. 

Cloudflare Connect will include speakers, demos, and interactive sessions with Cloudflare’s executive team. The event promises to provide the latest and greatest scoop on topics like bolstering site security without sacrificing performance, fending off malicious attacks, and increasing reliability. David and Dan are looking forward to learning more about Cloudflare in addition to the services that we are already using. 

Dan notes that:

'Cloudflare is unique because it allows us to use a layered or building block approach to its services and products. We can use Cloudflare simply for DNS management, or we can add other products like DDoS protection, geographically distributed caching, or a web application firewall.'

While Cloudflare may be a relatively young company, its innovative services and cutting edge technologies have made it a major player in the world of cyber security. We look forward to seeing what comes next. When it comes to keeping our partners’ sites safe, is committed to using the best solutions available.


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