Gearing up for Codegarden

What do we hope to get out of it?

Like most developers, we want to see the latest and greatest; kick the tires on new stuff and learn new ways to look at everything we do. Our gang of four will have an opportunity to learn from industry leaders and from fellow members of the Umbraco community. We never want to fall out of step with best practices and the latest technologies available. It’s all about innovation, and who doesn’t want to ride that wave? At Fyin, we’re Umbraco experts and want to keep it that way.

Visit our portfolio to see how we leverage the power of Umbraco to enhance the success of our partners. Also keep an eye on our blog, as we are planning to post some “Dispatches from Denmark” and share some of what our team is learning, seeing, and doing.

Gearing up for Codegarden

I never promised you a…Codegarden? If Codegarden sounds like something that would be confusing to your grandma, you’re probably right. If it sounds like something tech-driven and fast-paced, you’re definitely right.

Codegarden is an annual gathering of the worldwide Umbraco community. If you’re not familiar with Umbraco, it’s an open-source development platform and content management system used to build websites and web applications. Fyin is a certified Umbraco Gold Partner, and our team holds just about every Umbraco certification available. 

This year, we’re sending four team members to Codegarden in Odense, Denmark from May 23rd through May 25th. For those of us back at the office, our intrepid travelers have assured us that they will do their best not to have any fun while in Denmark.