How to Find The Best eCommerce Development Company

There are thousands of eCommerce development companies out there vying for your attention. It’s hard to know what to look for amongst the sea of choice and endless variety. Yet, we all want to put the development of our eCommerce site into the best possible hands. 

Let’s go over some of the main aspects of a development company you’ll want to mull over before making a hiring decision. These tips will help you decipher between a good and a great eCommerce development team. 

Researching Potential Companies

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Before you even start evaluating your options, you’ll need to better understand what specificities you seek from a development company. Begin by outlining the specific needs and objectives of your eCommerce project. While aesthetics are important, remember to note the core competencies and services needed to reach your business goals.

Once you have a list of your non-negotiables, you’ll be able to better compare platforms. This step lays the groundwork for an exploration of various companies that could be the right fit for your project.

Online Reviews and Testimonials

If you’re starting a new brand, you’ll need to take advantage of the wealth of online reviews and testimonials available on platforms like Clutch or Trustpilot. These candid insights offer a glimpse into the experiences of previous clients, providing a realistic view of the company's performance, customer service, and overall satisfaction. 

Sort through client reviews and testimonials for brands in your industry. Take note of recurring themes or comments to gauge the consistency of their service quality. You might fight they’re exceedingly great at customer service or fast turnaround times. These reviews are an invaluable resource in finding an eCommerce development company that can meet your expectations.

Case Studies

Case studies stand as real-world evidence of a company's capabilities and successes. Dive into any available case studies that showcase past projects. Many development brands display their favorite case studies on their website. Look for information like the challenges faced, the solutions provided, and the resultant impact.

Client case studies allow you to evaluate the impact of a development company’s work. Are their websites yielding great results for other eCommerce clients? Beyond glossy promises, what does their expertise deliver? This will help you gauge their experience in handling projects similar to yours.

Industry Reputation

Research-related industry forums, discussions, and publications where eCommerce development is a topic of conversation. Then, engage with discussion boards, seek out threads, and read articles to gauge the standing of potential companies within this sphere. 

Insights from industry experts and peers can help you get a better understanding of a company's reputation, performance, and contributions within the eCommerce development landscape.


Double and triple-check a development company’s credibility during your decision-making process. Check for certifications, awards, or partnerships that showcase their expertise and recognition within the industry. These accolades validate their skills and serve as a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation.

Technical Expertise and Skill Set


Which eCommerce platform do you plan to use? The developer you pick will need to have evidence they’re well-versed in creating sites there. Whether it’s Magento, Shopify, or WooCommerce, seek a company that has evidence of proficiency in your desired platform. 


Don’t forget to also inquire about their approach to customization. Can they tailor solutions to your unique business needs? Odds are, you aren’t looking for a generic, one-size-fits-all website. Check out that list of non-negotiables you made at the beginning of your search. Don’t be afraid to book a discovery call with a developer to ensure your needs can be met. 


You plan to grow your business, right? Make sure that the company's solutions can evolve over time and accommodate your business's expansion plans. Websites must be able to adapt to meet growing demand. 


A great eCommerce development company values innovation and keeps up to date on the latest industry trends. The technologies of the eCommerce space are always evolving. You’ll want a developer who translates these insights into actionable strategies for your project.

Communication and Project Management

A company that values open, transparent, and frequent communication fosters a more collaborative environment. Inquire with potential candidates about how they communicate with clients over the life of a project. Seek a company that proactively shares project progress, potential bottlenecks, and adheres to agreed-upon timelines.

Understanding their project management methodologies will also provide insights into their workflow and how adaptable they are to changes during the development cycle. Many development companies use project management tools like Agile or Crum to track and communicate progress. 

Beyond communication is actual involvement in decision-making processes. Assess how potential developers involve clients throughout the development process. A company that values your input and encourages your involvement is more likely to create a final product that aligns with your vision. 

Security Measures and Compliance

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Security is of the utmost importance when it comes to eCommerce development. Check that your development company prioritizes security measures and is experienced in defending websites from cybersecurity attacks. 

To do this, inquire about their strategies for protecting against threats like data breaches, cyber-attacks, and other common vulnerabilities. They should have a clear understanding of security best practices to protect your site and your customer’s information. 

Compliance with industry standards and regulations, such as GDPR, is also crucial to the success of your brand. Try to find developers that strictly adhere to these standards, safeguarding your business from legal repercussions. This information can usually be found in a company’s data protection policies on their website. 

In a worst-case scenario, you want a team on your site with a backup plan. Great eCommerce developers will have disaster recovery plans and contingency measures in place to recover from unforeseen events that could disrupt your operations. In the case of a disaster, these safeguards should minimize downtime and protect your business continuity.

eCommerce Development Companies in 2024

Thorough consideration of these crucial factors will help you find an excellent development partner for your eCommerce project. Expertise, portfolio, and client satisfaction are all incredibly important– but we hope this article has given you more to think about. Making an informed decision will help build a lasting partnership that nurtures your brand’s online growth. 

At FYIN, we understand the significance of creating exceptional eCommerce solutions tailored to your project’s specific needs. If you’re interested in elevating your online presence, reach out to us today. We’ll entrust your project to dedicated professionals committed to your success. Plus, we’re happy to answer any of the potential vetting questions we’ve outlined here. 

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