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As an Umbraco-certified Gold Partner, FYIN's Umbraco Master developers are well-versed in the necessary backend coding skills and front-end design skills to leverage this free, open-source platform. With Umbraco, we can create engaging, effective custom websites to meet your specific needs. Umbraco's secure, stable, supported, scalable, and versatile infrastructure allows us to build sites that both perform well and are easy to maintain. 

Umbraco CMS v10

The latest and greatest - get ready for v10!

Umbraco is always improving its CMS. Each major release represents the latest and greatest in streamlined code, user-friendly back-office, and security. Umbraco 10 is a major release that runs on .NET 6 and ASP.NET Core 6. Umbraco considers v10 to be an LTS version, meaning that it will enjoy Long-Term Support (LTS). 

Contact us to learn more about upgrading your Umbraco site to the latest, most secure version. 

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Best-in-class focus on security, scalability, and reliability

Does the version of your site's CMS matter? It does! A couple of important factors to keep in mind:

  • Security. The Umbraco community (which includes developers, marketers, and users from around the world) works hard to keep the CMS as safe as possible. As older versions reach end-of-life support, it's critical to make sure you are on the most current version with full support.
  • Depending on your current version, the upgrade/migration path can vary. Your site may need to be rebuilt/migrated or it may be a straightforward upgrade. 

Straightforward Integration with Other Tools

Umbraco plays nicely with third-party tools. In fact, the Umbraco development community is always striving to make the Umbraco CMS more robust by integrating new tools and functionality. Do your forms need to feed into SalesForce or another CRM? Umbraco can handle that! 

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