5 Reasons Why You Should Be Running PPC Advertising

When it comes to driving targeted traffic to your site, there's no need to leave it to chance. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising is one of the most effective methods at your disposal.

In today's digital world, information on topics like Google Ads or PPC is vast and plentiful! The Google Ads platform is constantly updating and advancing in the ever-changing industry of online advertising. 

For this reason and others listed in a recent Fyin.com blog post about PPC, it's important to have a full-time PPC expert handling your account. This way you have a PPC consultant - someone who's been trained in PPC advertising and who has knowledge of Google's best practices - working in your court and ensuring your advertising budget is getting the highest return. Plus, having a direct point of contact helps to keep you involved with the progress of your campaigns and the metrics being reported. 

If you're still not convinced, here are five more reasons to start a PPC program:

One: Increase Revenue

  • PPC Advertising can be a lucrative ROI for your business. On average, a business makes $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads. Having a PPC company set-up your account correctly from the beginning is crucial to achieving your revenue goals and seeing better ROI.
  • Using ad extensions also help drive greater ROI by giving your prospects another way to contact you (phone numbers, online inquiries, and form submissions), and helps highlight other services or products your business may offer.

Two: Further Your Reach

  • The competition for visibility is fierce on Search and Display. Driving traffic to your website using PPC is a method used by many companies and organizations. Search and display advertising are great ways to increase your presence, provide greater visibility for your brand, and help increase awareness of your products and services. By driving traffic to your website, you can also drive traffic to specific PPC landing pages that are custom tailored to each of your ad group's "themes." This shows the user that your information is relevant and precise to the topic they are researching, and Google will reward you kindly for that.

Three: Complements Your Other Marketing

  • Having a well-integrated marketing communications plan is crucial. There are so many platforms to advertise on, and maintaining a consistent brand voice and image across all outlets can be tricky, especially when multiple outside agencies are helping. That is why it's important to work with your PPC management service and leverage their industry expertise with your company knowledge of the products/services so that you two can work hand-in-hand toward a common objective.

Four: Protects Your Brand

  • PPC marketing also helps to protect your brand against your competitors. If you're not advertising on Google, and your competitor is, then they can bid on your branded keywords; which means that when someone searches for your business, their ad will be served at the top of the page, giving users another option to choose from aside from your business. 
  • The converse is also true. By bidding on your competitor's branded terms, you can appear in the search results, thereby giving prospects another opportunity to select your company's products and services. This is often referred to as a "conquest campaign."

Five: Allows You To Get More Targeted

  • The types of targeting that Google Ads offers is only growing. At this point, there is targeting based on affinity, custom intent, demographics, in-market, remarketing, and similar audiences. And I've only just covered targeting for audiences!
  • You can also define targeting options for content, which include content keywords, display expansion for search, placement, and topics.
  • Geo-targeting allows you to target based on geographical locations, and radius targeting to get even more granular).

Are you currently running a PPC campaign? If so, what are your tried and true tactics for driving better results? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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