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David isn’t big on titles (most of the Fyin.com team members selected their own job titles), but technically speaking, he is our Managing Director. And founder. And owner. He’s the guy with the entrepreneurial spirit, the vision, and the will to make it all happen.

Although we sometimes tease David about our theory that he only sleeps about 45 minutes a night, he does get a lot done in a day. He also leverages one of his most critical skills for the leader of a technology company: bringing other people up. Several of our team members did not start off as developers. David identifies the best and brightest in a variety of fields and recognizes in them a solid work ethic and capacity to learn and grow.

While many technical people have a tendency towards introversion, David is a rare combination of being highly technical and a “people person.” He  prides himself on leveraging technology in ways that other people don’t. He is, of course, a Certified Umbraco Master. David began teaching himself to write code at a young age and later started Fyin.com in 1999. Since then, he has built the company into an Umbraco-centric digital marketing powerhouse. As a certified Gold Partner, Fyin.com is considered to be one of the top Umbraco firms in the U.S.

David is the prototypical “small town boy” who later moved to the Big City. He has lived in Denver for several years and enjoys the typical outdoor pursuits (like skiing) that Colorado’s favorable weather allows. He and his wife are the proud parents of three children. We’re betting that at least one of the three starts a company before the age of 10.

Random fact: David once lived in a building that also housed a morgue.

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