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SEO Manager

Jordan excels in focusing on those small details that have huge SEO benefits. Every website needs a secret sauce in order to be successful and fortunately, Jordan has the recipe.

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Jordan, SEO Manager

Once upon a time, websites were an “if you build it, they will come” endeavor. You published some content about your company/organization and hoped for the best. Google wasn’t even around to guide folks to your doorstep. Today, all of that has changed; there is nothing accidental or nebulous about connecting seekers with exactly what they need. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has emerged as a complex yet nuanced field, generally requiring a skilled professional who can put the right building blocks in place. That’s where Jordan comes in. Jordan joins the FYIN team with a wealth of SEO expertise, focusing on organic search. 

Far from just “an SEO guy,” Jordan has a wide breadth of skills including eCommerce, web development, and project management. When he’s not busy working data-driven miracles in the SEO realm, Jordan enjoys working with his hands. His friends jokingly call him MacGyver thanks to his ability to fix stuff even when the right tools and supplies aren’t readily available (he hasn’t defused a bomb with a paperclip as far as we know, though). Jordan has a knack for renovations and even auto repair, too. All he needs is a project to do and access to a few YouTube how-to videos. 

Jordan’s expansive SEO knowledge is derived from years of experience. He studied Business Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, but since there were no SEO degree programs available at that time, he is largely self-taught (which is also a source of pride for him). 

Jordan describes himself as outgoing, knowledgeable, and fun. A Wisconsin native, he enjoys outdoorsy activities like fishing, kayaking, and playing golf. Jordan and his wife Rafaela don’t have any children, but they hope to expand their family with a baby or a dog or possibly both. 

Professionally, Jordan derives satisfaction from delivering solid results. This is great news for FYIN’s client-partners and their ROI! 

Random fact: Jordan is good at random facts. If he ever ends up on Jeopardy, fame and fortune are sure to follow. 

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