Design UI UX

Good design–the unseen hero. 

We notice it when it's bad or doesn't work, but when it's good, it fades into the user experience. Design can be innovative or straightforward, but whatever it is, it should tell a story, evoke an emotion, or drive behavior. FYIN's designers are seasoned at navigating the intersection of art and science to build beautiful products that intuit, compel, move and inspire.



Memorable. Recognizable. Impactful. Let's talk branding. 

Shaping your brand to appeal to your target audience is critically important. Colors and even font choices can evoke emotion. Our design team can guide you through brand development from the ground up. We'll deliver a logo (brand new or a refresh) and related elements like colors and fonts, all documented in a handy branding guide. Get ready to stand out for all the right reasons. 

Custom Design

Curb appeal for the digital world.

Your website lives at the intersection of aesthetics and functionality. The creative minds at FYIN can deliver a design that is unique and accessible while striking just the right tone for your audience. 

User Experience

How sticky are you? 

Sticky sites are sites where users spend more time than the average site visit time. Between our deep experience and the help of tools like heatmaps, visitor recordings, form analysis, surveying, and Google Analytics, we can pinpoint exactly where users get hung up and then quickly make corrections and adjustments to keep customers moving through the buying journey. 

Keyboard Accessible

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