FYIN Becomes nopCommerce Gold Partner

Not all e-commerce platforms are created equal. Not all e-commerce platforms play nicely with other technologies. At FYIN, we're bringing together Umbraco and nopCommerce for a seamless experience that paves the way to success for our client-partners.

If you’ve ever looked into selling online, you already know that there is no shortage of e-commerce solutions available on the market. We evaluated all of the contenders and nopCommerce rose to the top again and again. We are proud to announce that FYIN has become a nopCommerce Gold Partner.

“Becoming a nopCommerce Gold Partner allows us to offer our client-partners a rock-solid e-commerce option that will grow with them.” - David Dimmer, Managing Director

nopCommerce offers many benefits including: 

  • Fully customizable
  • Open Source
  • No licensing fees
  • Compatible with Umbraco CMS and other platforms
  • Robust functionality for sellers of all sizes

We’ve already built multiple nopCommerce solutions (and have more projects underway), so becoming a partner seemed like a natural fit. FYIN has been an Umbraco Certified Gold Partner for many years. Like Umbraco, nopCommerce is open source and has built an enthusiastic community that strives to make the product better and better over time. Combining Umbraco and nopCommerce? That’s where the real magic happens. 


Have an Umbraco site and want to add e-commerce? Whether you're unhappy with your current e-commerce solution or you're starting from scratch, FYIN can help. Contact us to talk to us about your e-commerce needs.